Fan Village

Fan clubs bring exclusive items, put on their best costumes, offer board game sessions, organise activities and create life-size nostalgic decors at Heroes Comic Con. Get ready for a dose of nostalgia and wonder. In this zone, a new surprise awaits around every corner!


Dragon Ball fan? Enter Son Goku's life and meet Genius Turtle, Bulma, Vegeta and Krillin!


Wave your lightsaber like you're chosen by The Force, or train like a promising padawan with the Lightsaber Academy!


Discover a life-size statue of Princess Zelda, games, collectors' items and many other cult objects of the iconic Nintendo franchise in this superb new exhibition!


Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters is the only official Ghostbusters fanclub of Belgium and takes you back to 1984 with their props and cosplay.

il était une fois

With original activities, Il était une fois immerses children in the magical world of brave princes and princesses, proud pirates and superheroes, elves and fairies.


Take pictures in nostalgic Star Wars settings, be surprised by the big cosplayer parade and much more at Heroes Comic Con!


In this RC Drift demonstration, professionals will drift their remote controlled vehicles around an impressive city circuit. Each car is a reference to a popular series or has a beautiful custom body. Prepare to be mesmerised!

lego constructions

Are you a fan of LEGO? BeLUG is there for all enthusiasts, builders and collectors. During Heroes Comic Con you can discover a lot of colourful and geeky constructions.


Are you ready for a journey into your subconscious? At Heroes Comic Con, Belhypnoze Club gives you the chance to test the limits of your imagination. Do you dare this adventure?

belgian potterheads

We're with you, whatever happens'. That is exactly what the Belgian Potterheads stand for. As a fan group, they connect everyone who dares to take the plunge into the magical world of wizards and witches.

introduction to sword fighting

Learn to fight with swords. Via Bruxellensis teaches you hundreds of techniques and helps you wield a huge sword like Cloud. Become a real sword fighter like in Game of Thrones.

sword camera

It's time to strike a pose, because Sword Camera is coming to Heroes Comic Con. Transform yourself into the best comic book character or the toughest video game avatar and have your picture taken by a professional.

ranger nation

Ranger Nation Belgium is a cosplay group with focus on Power Rangers. You can find them with a stand full of activities, cosplay, collectibles, props and green screen photobooth.

norse mythology

Get ready for the gods of Norse mythology. Answer Odin's questions, fight the giants with Thor's hammer, write a poem for Bragi and duel with Loki. A series of mini-games, board games and challenging events take you back to the Viking Age.

Goldorak Xperienz

The immersive exhibition dedicated to Goldorak! The series that has had a huge impact on the generations it has rocked. Gather your friends who are fans of the anime and visit the incredible official exhibition on the giant robot that marked an entire era.

role playing

Explore multiple worlds of thrilling fiction. Players play as characters in a variety of worlds, from traditional medieval fantasy to cyberpunk, and from esoteric to post-apocalyptic.


Making the technology sector accessible to everyone? That is the mission of MolenGeek. Thanks to training courses, a coworking space and dynamic events such as Hackathons and Geektalks, they succeed 100% in their aim.

anark grafik

At Heroes Comic Con, a picture is worth a thousand words. Anark Grafik is a painter and visual artist who creates the most beautiful illustrations of your favourite video game and fantasy film.

ghibli expo

Do you love the Ghibli universe? Spirites Away, Ponyo or Totoro have no secrets for you? Then come and immerse yourself in the Ghibli atmosphere!


What do you know about streaming? Test your knowledge at the booth of Stream'Her, the community for supporting and promoting women in the streaming world. Join a quiz and follow a workshop about streaming and social networks.

berserk expo

Immerse yourself in the fantastic saga of Guts, the emblematic hero of the Berserk manga. The Berserk Chronicles exhibition will make you discover a gigantic set with life-size statues of incredible realism.

Rainbow Geeks

Everyone is allowed to be who they are! The LGBTQIA+ community will also be represented at Heroes Comic Con. This feast is for all geeky fans of comics, games, films, series, cosplay, board games and other pop culture phenomena.