Gaming Activities

On this page you will soon find an overview of the gaming activities organised at Heroes Comic Con.
We can’t list all stands and activities here, but these highlights will get you excited! Are you ready to game and break all records?


The ultimate dance game is back. Ubisoft presents the latest version of this great dance game. Ready, set, shake it like a polaroid picture!


Discover a life-size statue of Princess Zelda, games, collectors' items and many other cult objects of the iconic Nintendo franchise in this superb new exhibition!


Dance to the beat and stomp on those arrows to get the highest score. Dominate the platforms of Dance Dance Revolution!

retro gaming

Are you ready to beat the high scores? Challenge your friends to a game of Dance Dance Revolution, Jubeat, Guitar Hero or Just Dance. A great day is guaranteed.

gaming zone

The game is on! From the greatest classics to the latest VR games, there's something for everyone. Head to our Gaming Zone and get ready for a game of Street Fighter, Tekken or Xonotic.

anark grafik

At Heroes Comic Con, a picture is worth a thousand words. Anark Grafik is a painter and visual artist who creates the most beautiful illustrations of your favourite video game and fantasy film.


What do you know about streaming? Test your knowledge at the booth of Stream'Her, the community for supporting and promoting women in the streaming world. Join a quiz and follow a workshop about streaming and social networks.