What is Heroes Comic Con?

Heroes Comic Con is the meeting point for fans of comics, games, films, series, cosplay, board games and other pop culture phenomena, in the capital of Europe.

Coming to Heroes Comic Con is to immerse yourself in another universe thanks to decorations, cosplayers and a comic con atmosphere.

It’s a big feast dedicated to pop culture.

Meet the stars, buy the merch, take the pics, play the games, and experience what’s on your screen in real life, in the heart of Europe. Introducing Heroes Comic Con, the event that brings everything you’d expect and takes it to new horizons.

The focus lies on fandom in all its forms, from the biggest fans to the casual streaming subscribers with a crush on the main character. If you’ve ever pressed play, this is where you’ll want to stay.

One ticket, two events!

With your ticket for the comic con, you can freely enter the Made in Asia & YouPlay festival, the largest event in the Benelux dedicated to Asian pop culture, manga, video artists, and more.

With just one ticket, you can visit Heroes Comic Con and its exhibitions dedicated to science fiction and fantasy before discovering those of Made in Asia dedicated to the greatest mangas! And that’s just one example. Why not get an autograph from a famous actor present at Heroes Comic Con before meeting a mangaka at Made in Asia?

Discover Made in Asia

Enjoy two festivals for the price of 1! Made in Asia includes a Korean village with Kpop, cooking initiations, tattooing, massages…, an Asian village with origami workshops, talismans and much more. But also initiations for Mahjong, Go and other Asian games. Discover a new universe just next to Heroes Comic Con!