Artist Sketches & Commissions

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The Comic Shop

There will be several shops selling comics and other treasures that you can have signed afterwards.

General rules: – Stand in the artist’s line to receive a drawing. – If you exit the queue, you won’t be able to reclaim your spot. If you walk away, you lose your position. – Only visitors with a VIP ticket will be able to stand in line with the artist of their choice on both days from 9am. Please respect the order of the queue. – Anyone in an artist’s queue before general public opening hours (and not in possession of a valid ticket) will be refused. As soon as the queue of visitors with a VIP ticket has formed, non-VIPs can move to the end of the queue. – A maximum of 10 comics will be signed per artist. Exceptions may be announced for certain guests. – The respect between visitors, collectors and artists is paramount. – The maximum format we accept is A4 (paper, guest book, …) – The artists will receive a lunch break. – Children under 10 years of age queuing for their parents will be taken to security. – If you see someone breaking the rules, report them to a member of the Comic Village team. – A ticket to Heroes Comic Con is not a 100% guarantee of a signing session. Priority is given to people waiting in the queue. Please don’t leave the line for longer than 10 minutes. All artists will be seated in the Comic Village, unless otherwise stated. The above information is based on information obtained from the artists and may change at any time. The organisation of Heroes Comic Con is not responsible for any changes.