Comic Village

Welcome in the Comic Village of Heroes Comic Con, where the world’s biggest artists and local talents assemble and await your arrival!

At Heroes Comic Con, we invite the biggest names in comics and place them like gurus at the top of the Comic Village mountain. Major publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics are sending their best and most popular art veterans and you, the lucky ones, have the opportunity to meet them. They are ready to offer you unique artworks, autographs, and advice. Below you will find more information on how it works, where you should go and why it is a unique opportunity. Let’s celebrate the art of passion and the passion for art!

Comic Village Guests

Heroes Comic Con is putting the world’s most talented artists on a shiny pedestal. Better still, we put them on a chair in front of you. Shake their hands, discuss your favourite storylines and score an amazing drawing. Have fun!



Darick Robertson is a celebrated American comic book artist, writer and creator whose career spans several decades.

This talented artist co-created the immensely popular series The Boys, as well as the award-winning Transmetropolitan series.

Darick has also written and illustrated for Marvel and DC Comics characters such as Batman, Superman, The Justice League of America, Wolverine, Conan The Barbarian, The Punisher and Spider-Man. You can also find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Greaser: Gemini Blues shining on his resume.

Grab your chance to meet this world-famous artist in the Comic Village at Heroes Comic Con, on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2024.



Marvel & DC Comics powerhouse Cully Hamner has drawn many things for many publishers, but he’s probably best known for co-creating Jaime Reyes (DC Comics’ current Blue Beetle, his creator-owned comic Red, and a long list of DC Comics credits.

He’s made covers for many titles in the Batman and Superman lines, as well as the new Blue Beetle: Graduation Day; and interiors on books like Detective Comics, Superman Red & Blue, and Blue and Gold.

At Marvel he’s provided a ton of covers for the Spider-Man titles, Black Panther VS. Deadpool, War of the Realms, Yondu, M.O.D.O.K., Planet of the Apes, Alien, and the Joe Fixit series.

Also coming up are covers for BOOM!, AWA, Tiny Onion, Mad Cave, and many other publishers. His next major projects are Ruby Actual with Greg Rucka at Image Comics.

Take your chance to meet this world-renowned artist at Heroes Comic Con’s Comic Village on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2024.


award-winning comic book author

Paul Jenkins has been creating, writing, and building franchises for more than 25 years in the film, graphic novel, and video game industries. During this time, he has worked with hundreds of world-renowned entertainment icons, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Batman, and the Origin of Wolverine to six platinum-selling video games, and the revitalization of the Marvel Universe. His creations have been seen in multiple Marvel movies and video games, most recently Into The SpiderVerse, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and LEGO Marvel Avengers.

Paul has enjoyed recognition on the New York Times bestseller list, has been nominated for two BAFTA Awards, and is the recipient of a Prism Award for his contributions in storytelling. He previously chaired an advisory committee of the Governor of Georgia – his home state – on the advent of tax credits for digital storytelling technologies and independent film.

Currently, Paul is the Creative Director for Exfinitum, a massive TCG, as a collaboration between his company META Studios and Yoton Yo Studios, set to be released later this year.

Take your chance to meet this world-renowned artist at Heroes Comic Con’s Comic Village on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2024.



Yanick Paquette is an Eisner Nominated, Shuster Awards Winner and #1 New-York Times best-selling comics artist. He began his career as a comic book illustrator in the United States in 1994. He worked for Topps, Marvel and DC Comics, illustrating titles including Wonder-Woman, Superman, Batman, Avengers, JLA, X-Men, Wolverine Weapon X, Terra Obscura, Seven Soldiers, and Swamp Thing.

He collaborates with the biggest writers of the medium, including Alan Moore, Scott Snyder, Jason Aaron and Grant Morrison, for whom he drew Wonder-Woman Earth One. After producing a INCAL prequel for Humanoid associee, Yanick is now hard at work on a Creator Own project with Rick Remender.

And now he’s here to meet you, at Heroes Comic Con, on October 19th & 20th, 2024. Head on over to Brussels Expo to score your unique sketches & commissions, and to listen to amazing stories & tips from behind the scenes.



Tom Grummett has enjoyed a career of over thirty years in the comic book industry, penciling various titles for Marvel and DC. Beginning with the New Teen Titans, he moved to regular penciling duties on Adventures of Superman, where he contributed to the Death and Return of Superman storyline. Since then he has worked on Robin, Fantastic Four, Superboy, X-Men Forever, Teen Titans, Incredible Hulk, and Avengers Academy, among others.

He has illustrated comics custom comics for Marvel and DC serving commercial clients, and along with long-time collaborator Karl Kesel, illustrates the creator owned series Section Zero. He was honored in 2015 as a recipient of an Inkpot Award for achievement in the comic arts, and has been inducted into the Joe Shuster Awards Hall of Fame.

Come to Brussels Expo on 19 and 20 October 2024 for sketches and commissions. And don’t forget to ask him for anecdotes or advice for your own art projects!

The Made in Asia festival (to which you have free access with your Heroes Comic Con ticket) also welcomes Japanese and European artists. Click the link below for more info.

Unique drawings and autographs

The many talents of the Comic Village are ready to swish & flick their pencils, splash their ink and orchestrate their paint to conjure upan astounding piece of art for you to take home.

For the drawings, you have two choices: you ask the artist for a sketch during the event, or you request a more detailed drawing weeks beforehand and pick up the result during the event.

Very few things in life beat the feeling of leaving a comic con with your very own, unique piece of popular art, complete with the artist’s autograph. A souvenir to cherish forever!

Click the buttons below to learn how you can obtain sketches, commissions and autographs.

Get inspired
in panels and workshops

In addition to offering unique sketches, commissions and autographs during the Heroes Comic Con weekend, the guest artists also take the time to share their secrets and stories with you in workshops and panels.

These sessions are ideal for aspiring artists who want to hone their skills, fans curious to learn more about the origins of their favourite comic book characters, and more. Attend these sessions and be inspired!

Live: The Drawing Battles

Come and see the world’s best cartoonists compete and draw live in front of you! Who has the sharpest pen, who has the most unbridled creativity? And most importantly, what will the amazing results look like? Discover it at Heroes Comic Con !