Bob Morley (The 100) is coming to Heroes Comic Con!

Meet Bob Morley (The 100) on October 19-20 in Brussels Expo!

  • Bellamy Blake in The 100
  • Nate in In Limbo
  • Peter in Love Me
  • Craig in Road Train
  • Aidan Foster in Neighbours
  • Drew Curtis in Home and Away

And many other roles in movies & series!


In the early days of the amazing Australian actor Bob Morley, fans could see him perform in multiple world-famous Australian drama series, notably as Drew Curtis in Home and Away (2006-2008), and as Aidan Foster in Neighbours (20011-2013). With the latter role, he wrote TV history with Neighbours’ first ever gay couple and the soap’s first male gay kiss. The fact that this was never ‘sensationalised’ by the producers nor the actors meant that it was a very successful and meaningful piece of LGBTQ+ representation.

This amazing Australian actor performed the role of Bellamy Blake in all seven seasons of The CW’s The 100 series, from the pilot in 2014 until the conclusion in 2020. With his natural flair and solid acting work, he helped catapult the series to unseen heights of popularity. Fun fact: he met his wife and co-star Eliza Taylor on the set of The 100, developed a love relationship and married in 2019.

You may have seen him in a big list of other movies and series, such as The Strip (2008), Scorched (2008), the horror movie Road Train (2010), Blinder (2013), Lost in the White City (2014), Love Me (2021-2023), In Limbo (2023) and more.

Actor Bob Morley is coming to Heroes Comic Con on October 19-20, in Brussels Expo. He will be available for photoshoots, autograph sessions, selfies, and huge Q&A panel shows on BOTH DAYS of the Heroes Comic Con weekend.



He will be accompanied by his wife and The 100 co-star Eliza Taylor (aka Clarke Griffin). Let all of your The 100 fandom dreams come true at Heroes Comic Con!


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